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Making connections

18th March, 2009

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Music thanks to Audio Network

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  1. What wonderful footage…..Thank you !!!!!

    As I sit here in my small cottage in a village in Oxfordshire it is easy to blissfully ignorant of the harsh facts surrounding that wonderful continent and the impact that “we” in our small lives are having on such a beautiful place.I have been following the IAE 2009 team on their journey, it is all such a magnificent effort by too few people. This whole epic cause should be championed and commisioned globally. You are truly blessed to part of something so very important. Keep up the good work !

    Posted by Busy B on 03/18/09, 1:13 pm

  2. What wonderful filming and always the music selected seems so entirely appropriate for the footage. A tour de force indeed – I expect David Attenborough is now looking over his shoulder !!

    Congratulations to all the team on an inspired and inspiring journey. It has been terrific fun to follow your trail as an armchair explorer.

    No praise is too high.

    Posted by brian on 03/19/09, 1:44 am

  3. Absoutely breathtaking – how could anyone not be moved by the majesty of the scenerey – the penguins were quite cute too. Did I spot a grey seal or was that Stuart’s beard!

    Love Mum & Dad

    Posted by Mum & Dad on 03/19/09, 3:19 pm

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