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Signing off from the E-Base team

19th March, 2009

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The ship has arrived and the E-Base team are boarding and leaving King George Island. It’s been an amazing and emotional 10 days and we hope that you’ve enjoyed following the expedition. Please adjust your sets as we join the IAE 2009 expedition.

Making connections

18th March, 2009

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Antarctic Legend

17th March, 2009

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Coping with expedition life

17th March, 2009

Any time away from home can be tough. This is now well into our third week away from home for all of the E-Base team. I know that homesickness can be difficult for people and having spent a miserable week away at cub camp at the age of 7, I have bad memories of being away from home.

Everyone in the team here is amazing, each bringing their own personality and fun to the mix. Without them I could be back to my cub camp feelings again! The work we are doing doesn’t allow you to stop to think about life outside Antarctica for 5 minutes. So although I’m sure we all miss home, we are keeping ourselves very entertained in our work. I also personally want to thank my wonderful Jacqui and my great family for all their support. Without that I probably wouldn’t be here now.

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Our long distance runners

15th March, 2009

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